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Dust Monitor
Typical Applications :
  • Operator Health & Safety
  • Facility Management
  • HVAC
  • Filter Testing
  • IAQ Consulting
Cities and workplaces are increasingly becoming pollutant due to rampant construction and vehicular movement. High levels of dust, especially PM2.5, in outdoor air prompt residents to keep windows shut in an attempt to prevent air pollutants from entering houses. Instances of sick building syndrome are increasingly being reported from our cities particularly in schools, colleges and large work zones.

Rave Innovations pioneers development of an indigenous instrument for measuring air quality, with capability to simultaneously monitor and record concentrations of PM2.5, PM10 along with Temperature (AT) & Relative Humidity (RH). A built-in data-logger reports Live Data on a graphics LCD besides recording values in SD card memory. Data from the instrument can be easily downloaded to an Excel sheet for trend analysis.

Typical applications include Industrial Hygiene, Facility Management, Checking Ambient Air Quality, Surveys in Clinics, Hospitals and Schools

Specifications of PM1025 Particulate Monitor
  • Principle: Light Scattering (Particulates PM2.5, PM10)
  • Range: PM10: 0-1,000 ug/m3 PM2.5: 0-700 ug/m3
  • Resolution: PM10: 1 ug/m3 PM2.5: 1 ug/m3
  • Measurement: Simultaneous PM2.5 and PM10 (Real-time values)
  • Repeatability: +- 5% FS for all parameters
  • Response Time: T90 < 30 sec
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • PC Interface: RS232 or USB
  • Software: Windows compatible. Data directly opens in MS Excel
  • Display: In-built graphics LCD
  • Recording Interval: Programmable - 5, 15, 30 mins
  • Running Modes: Survey or Recording (with location id & date-time stamps)
  • Operating Modes: Desktop or Handheld
  • Battery: In-built, rechargeable Li-Polymer (lasts for 6-8 hours)
  • Weight: Approximately 0.5 Kgs. (with battery)
  • Warranty: One year
  • Accessories: Carrying case, Charger, USB data transfer cable, Windows software